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Get the foundations you need to produce beautiful photography.

Discover our brand-new secret photographic training method called… “SNAP! Cards”

Snap Cards

Introducing… SNAP! Cards: 44 printable key photography lessons that you can take with you anywhere!

Color-coded into 9 common problem areas. Each of these topics holds from 1 to 8 printable, portable, and easily reproducible photographic training materials.

The simplest way for you to learn and master photography on-the-go...

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Get our newest project-based learning tool called – ACTION Cards!

The Action Cards

65 beautifully designed & printable project sheets that will give you over 200 photography assignments, covering everything you can imagine! This is the guaranteed fastest way to 'expand' your shooting skills and master photography this year.

***Note: These are completely different to the Snap Cards. The SNAP! Cards (above) present small easily digestible photographic lessons that you could consume virtually anywhere. 

These ACTION! Cards are geared towards the individual that prefers to learn by engaging in self-assigned photographic activities. A learning element is included, but the primary purpose of the product is to motivate you to learn through an actionable assignment and review process.

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Read this new DSLR Crash Course–
and you'll take great pictures, guaranteed!

The DSLR Crash Course

An amazing new eBook, where you’ll be taken by the hand and lead step-by-step in discovering photography skills using your DSLR.

This eBook is filled with practical exercises that show you exactly what to do AFTER changing your camera settings.

The exercises build upon the previous ones, and let you naturally discover that ‘aha’ moment after performing each activity.

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Create awarding-winning photography by mastering the foundations of photographic composition.

The Understanding Composition Guide

Composition truly is THE necessary foundation For amazing, award-winning photographs.

Get a clear Understanding of Composition with this jam-packed digital guide. We cover not only the 'What' but more importantly – the 'Why'. So you can apply this to your own shots for incredible results.

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Produce incredible images by discovering the key concepts of light.

Understanding Light: Book One

Understanding light gives you the power to control the mood and feeling in your shots.

This guide is the first step towards your full comprehension on the subject of light, and how to make it work in your photography.

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Learn the fundamental editing steps from a pro, that will change your photography forever.

The Ultimate Guide to Fundamental Editing

Don’t let your lack of editing knowledge cripple your efforts with the camera!

Digital Book Download: 165 Pages covering the 15 fundamental edits, in Lightroom, Photoshop & elements. Includes case-studies, self-check quizzes and assignments.

Includes a FREE printable fundamental edits checklist.

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Don’t let boredom and repetition ruin your photography. Spark your creativity today.

The Creativity Catalog

Dramatically improve your creative output with the fun and challenging assignments from the Creativity Catalog.

Simply scroll to any page- read a few paragraphs… And, start creating something new and exciting!

You'll get instant access to download this 207 Page Guide covering 20 Chapters of creativity-sparking assignments and ideas!

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Learn the secrets to creating the gorgeous, blurry background images you’ve always wanted, without buying new equipment.

Beautiful Background Blur Guide

Read this premium guide, and you will instantly begin creating exciting images with Beautiful Background Blur. Images that will leave fellow photographers wondering how you got that incredible shot!

This is the only depth-of-field guide you’ll ever need.

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Discover how to produce your own dynamic and share-worthy B&W images, without spending money on fancy plugins or presets.

The Better Black and White Guide

In just 90mins of reading, you'll discover the professional secrets to producing your own powerful share-worthy B&W images, using the software you already have.

Today: 36% Off

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Be inspired to experiment with different styles and techniques.

Discover the secrets to capturing amazing landscape photographs.

The Complete Landscape Photography Guide

With this guide you'll be creating compelling, calendar-worthy landscape images, fast.

You'll never have to feel dissatisfied with your landscapes again. Read this guide, and your Landscape shots WILL get attention.

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Read This New eBook– And You'll Be Creating Beautiful Flower Photography, Guaranteed!

Photographing Fabulous Flowers

For the very first time, in this brand-new eBook, we're letting you 'steal' a step-by-step method for shooting delicate, gorgeous, & perfectly lit Flower Photographs!

Beautiful Flower Photography will be right at your fingertips, once you know the key secrets and professional techniques that are covered in this premium guide.

This 156 page practical guide is packed with Assignments, Key Lessons, and Self-Check Quizzes! (15 assignments, 26 key lessons, & 70 self-check questions!)

Today: 62% Off

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Discover the secrets to creating dramatic, award-winning, eye-grabbing portraits.

The Art of Portrait Photography

Discover how to interact with your subject. How to utilize natural and artificial light in your portraits. How to get great shots with minimal equipment. How to get razor sharp photos. How to tell a story with your portraits.

And so much more...

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Are you tired of your photographs looking uninspired? Learn a simple technique, that will put the pizzazz back into your work.

The Complete Guide to Long Exposure Photography

Read this Premium Guide, and you will transform your photography into whimsical (jaw dropping) images that just cannot be created in any other manner.

Not even in Photoshop!

This guide contains 119 pages of step-by-step precise training. However, It’s even more than that!

There is no other training out there that will turn you into an amazing Long Exposure Photographer with greater speed and accuracy!

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The next step to perfect photography – Understanding masking in post-production

The Understanding Masking Guide

With this guide, anything you can imagine, you can create!

You get 171 pages of training, illustrations, and self-check quizzes. Covering the masking techniques and secrets in ALL of the popular editing software packages. (Inc. Lightroom, Photoshop, Elements, Camera Raw & Mobile Photography editing apps. It covers it all!)

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Create beautiful images by discovering advanced composition techniques!

The Advanced Composition Guide

Get BEYOND the rule of thirds. Discover how to SEE light, shadow, lines, curves, space, repetition, and focal points.

Together we'll explore the skills of anticipation, pre-visualization, and timing. So you can produce photographs that are uniquely yours.

This eBook is your shortcut. It's years and years of practical knowledge, condensed into 239 pages packed with training, illustrations, and assignments!

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Become a master of light and produce awesome, inspiring images of your own.

Understanding Light: Book Two

This guide is the next step. You'll discover the secrets of controlling, manipulating and 'reading' light used by the professionals.

Study this eBook, and you'll become a master of light. This guide will give you the ability to recognize, control, and manipulate LIGHT, taught through 155 Pages of Fast Easy Learning packed with illustrations, case-studies and assignments to verify your knowledge.

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Unravel the mysteries and produce beautiful images with your flash today!

Electronic Flash – Parts & Practices

Why Settle for Bad Lighting? You can do this! Discover the Parts and Practices of your electronic flash, and unleash the power of great lighting anywhere, anytime.

This is the guaranteed fastest way to understand your electronic flash, and take your photography into the realm of becoming a “Strobist”!

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Learn professional techniques to help you succeed in outdoor photography- even when faced with clouds, rain, and lousy light!

Producing Top Photography In Bad Weather

If you've had disappointing results with your outdoor photography during bad weather, this is the guide for you.

Great photography can and does happen under bad weather conditions... This guide will give you the skills and knowledge you need, to make the most of every shooting situation!

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Read this new eBook– And you'll be creating rich & vibrant color photography, guaranteed!

Creating Rich and Vibrant Color Photography: Volume One

In this amazing eBook you’ll uncover the secrets behind memorable, fascinating, & impressive color photography.

It's 165 pages, split into 7 complete chapters of training, illustrations, case-studies and self-check quizzes. Giving you a practical understanding of creating rich and vibrant color photography.

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Telling your story, with your image, is the ONE THING that can set you apart from every other photographer on the planet!

Effective Storytelling With Photography

This premium guide is 133-pages of deep training, giving you a simple and practical understanding of using storytelling to make your photographs stand out.

You'll get 7 complete chapters of training, illustrations, case-studies and self-check quizzes.

It will teach you every aspect of the storytelling process, and also, (even more importantly), how you can implement that knowledge into your photographic efforts!

Today: 42% Off

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Drill down on specific skills, and take your work to the next level.

Unleash your full creative potential simply by discovering the secrets to natural light!

The Mastering Natural Light Course

You don’t need to spend more money on gear. You don’t need assistants. The most powerful tool is free. That tool is natural light. And this course will help you master it.

This is the only course you need to take control of every lighting situation, and reach your full creative potential.

You'll get over 3 hours of original educational content, spread over 26 multimedia lessons, with multiple case-studies, time lapses, image breakdowns, diagrams, and exercises. This course is the most extensive natural light mastery resource of its kind.

Today: 61% Off

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Discover how to use your flash to produce amazing shots that STOP people in their tracks, guaranteed.

Understanding Flash Photography

Packed with a wealth of information and presented in a fun and engaging style, this fantastic video tutorial series provides you with a comprehensive understanding of flash photography.

You'll be guided, step-by-step, through using your off-camera flash to create breath-taking shots that stop people in their tracks, guaranteed. You will master off-camera flash this weekend.

Today: 31% Off

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How to consistently transform your images into powerful and share-worthy works of art in Lightroom.

The Understanding Post-Processing Video Course

The guaranteed fastest way to bring out the full potential of your photographs in Lightroom.

This is completely unlike any other post-processing course, because it’s ONLY practical, and immediately applicable information. You learn through action, by working on the 10 provided RAW files and following the steps in nearly 3 hours of on-screen processing tutorials.

This is your chance to peer over a professional photographer's shoulder, as he uses Lightroom to transform his shots.

Today: 41% Off

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Take a journey through 15 exclusive case-studies on powerful images.

The Powerful Imagery Guide

Do you ever feel like your images lack impact?

Half inspiration, half education. Whether you need a little motivation, or whether you want an exact recipe for creating powerful images, this eBook has something for you.

You get unrestricted access to a professional as you enter their thought process, from forming the idea, to creative decision making, to arriving at the final image.

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Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions, Textures & tools etc.

Instantly enhance your landscape images in Lightroom.

Premium Landscapes Presets

In Just Seconds, You CAN Put the WOW Factor into Your Landscape Photographs! Get a set of 18 stunning professional Adobe Lightroom presets, designed specifically for use with landscape photographs.

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Enhance the natural light in your shots with 1-click.

Natural Light Presets

Get a set of 12 stunning professional Adobe Lightroom presets, designed to help you improve the light in your shots in 1 simple click.

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