Would you love to hear that your photographs are unique?... Would you like to be assured that your images are the MOST memorable in the minds of others?

(It’s all about the story my friends…)


This is a fact– There are approximately 3.8 “Billion” users on the Internet, and they upload an average of 658 “Billion” photographs per year.

It’s estimated that there are over 40 million active photographers in the United States alone-

And that doesn’t even include the mobile phone crowd!

What I am about to share with you is the “Single Most Important Lesson” that you can learn regarding your photography.

I say that because not only will this lesson make your photography stand out from the crowd…But even more importantly – “Your photography will mean more to YOU!

What is this lesson?


Storytelling is the single biggest photographic skill, that you can learn, that will make your work stand out from everyone else.

How will storytelling make your work stand out?

No one else has lived your life experience, and that creates your unique impression of everything around you.

Do you know why storytelling will make your photographs better?

Here it is… 

Storytelling touches on all of the memory retention buttons within the human brain.

It’s basic psychology.

A good story communicates a message that sticks in your brain. And you are going to learn how to make your images stick in others’ brains like glue.

Here’s something to think about when you’re about to create a photograph- Even a slight change could turn that image from something “normal” and “not memorable”

...Into an image that is an unforgettable storytelling effort.

…Something truly special, that has a lasting impact on the viewer.

Would you like your photographs to do that? Then keep reading and we’ll show you how..

Introducing... “Effective Storytelling With Photography” By Kent DuFault

This premium hands-on guide is 133 step-by-step pages of deep training, with 7 complete chapters of training, illustrations, case-studies and self-check quizzes. You’ll be getting a simple and practical understanding of using storytelling to make your photographs stand out.

Read this guide, and discover every aspect of the storytelling process, and also, (even more importantly), how you can implement that knowledge into your photographic efforts!

Think about how that would feel, possessing the skill to impart your personal stories out to the world. This is why this training is SO important to your photography.

Telling your story, with your image, is the ONE THING that can set you apart from every other photographer on the planet!

Your stories are uniquely YOU-

Quick Customer Review:
For me the book presents a whole new way of thinking and  approaching the shot and what you want the audience to see in the shot.  Very helpful– Rino C.

What's covered?

Easy to understand, and easy for anyone to apply.
Just take a look at some of what you’ll discover in this guide:

Important– This guide is NOT:

This guide will not be the ‘simplistic 5 to 10 step blog post’ on storytelling in photography –

You know the ones… that don’t really tell you anything new at all; such as, “Get close, use a frame, trust your instincts, and use the light, blah, blah, blah…”

Let’s face it. If you have no idea what ‘story structure’ is… How could you possibly understand how to apply it to a photographic situation?

With this guide, you are on the verge of learning how to use “story” to make your photographic images memorable to others...

…and this skill will turn your photos into something ‘valuable’ that is uniquely yours.

You’re moments away from the Secret to “Leveraging” Storytelling in your photography and propelling your photos onto an explosive new level.

Let’s take a look at some examples…

'Battle scar', the photograph above, is a simple shot… where the story could have easily been lost.

However, through EXPERT knowledge on storytelling techniques, Kent DuFault has created a “story” photograph with minimal elements…

It’s a story that virtually anyone can relate to. (This poor cat got in a fight, and she got her nose scratched!)

You and I both know that in order to become a great photographic storyteller- it takes more than having a few composition tips in your pocket.

In order to become a great storyteller- you need to understand the building blocks of what makes a great story...

This photograph titled, “The Saga of Chicken Village”, is based upon a story arc that dates back thousands of years.

Once you’ve learned the storytelling principles that are thoroughly discussed in this eBook.

Moments like this… will suddenly appear everywhere you look. You know why?

It’s because you now know what to look for!

Take a peek inside this incredible guide:

Broken into 7 precise sections for easy consumption.
Page 95 – Discover how the storytelling tools used by authors- in their written works- can also work for you as a photographer!
Page 36 – Learn why some storytelling attempts fall flat on their face- So that you don’t make the same mistakes.
Page 46 – Learn how to shoot storytelling shots that no other photographer is taking… even if there are dozens of photographers standing all around you.
Page 83 – Learn how to analyze a scene quickly to tell the “best story”.
Page 20 – Discover how to tell a strong story, from any event.
Page 122 – Discover how simple changes with your equipment can vastly change the storytelling message that you will send out to your viewers.
Does testing your new knowledge with photographic assignments excite you? Check out page 129…

Here's the deal:

An intimate 1-on-1 learning session with a seasoned professional photographer would be valued at around $200-$2000.

But you won’t pay that…

Our authors pour all of that EXACT knowledge and teaching structure into our guides.

Our authors expertly craft every word in every chapter, to help you build on a creative skillset and truly master something.

Your introductory special price for this new guide is just $17 USD!

This includes the comprehensive guide, 14 training assignments, a detailed 35-question quiz, the THREE free bonuses, plus there are several exquisitely detailed case studies inside the guide- These case studies will help firm up the storytelling concepts in your mind.

There is ABSOLUTELY no other guide, or book, out there like this! Don’t hesitate if you love the idea of telling “Memorable Stories” with your photography!

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Remember – With this step-by-step guide, you’re getting a comprehensive tool for learning how to add meaning and impact to your photography. And, it’s at a fraction of the cost of an in-person workshop. Plus you can re-read the material for FREE anytime you want, whenever you need a quick refresh.

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The author has a personal message for you...

“Those of you who have followed my writing and photography 
know that I’m a huge proponent of storytelling in photographic imaging.

For those of you that are new to my writing, in my mind a professional-level photograph consists of three components: technically sound (although a quality photo doesn’t always have to be technically perfect); an organized composition (without that your photograph is a lazy mess, and a viewer feels that… even subconsciously); and most importantly, the photograph must convey a message to the viewer, which is ‘the story’.

Storytelling photography takes effort. I won’t lie to you. The good news is- You CAN learn this skill!

The more you practice what you will learn, the better you will become at it.

Eventually, it will become second nature- like riding a bicycle… You’ll be shooting storytelling photos without even realizing that you’re doing it!

With this guide, I’m going to get you there.” –Kent DuFault

We all have a story to tell.

There are things from the past that influence the way we feel… There are current events that are shaping our lives right now.

And then, there are the future moments we haven’t yet lived.

Utilizing all of that life experience into your photographic efforts will truly improve your work, make your images memorable to others, and most importantly- the images that you create will hold greater value to you-

The Photographer!

With this guide you will be a Master Photographic Storyteller!

Thousands of people love the Effective Storytelling guide, here’s why…

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