About us

Hey, we’re so glad you’re here!
Photzy is a small team of photography enthusiasts from all over the world. Every month, over 200,000 people just like you, learn photography on this website. Over the past 7 years we’ve helped millions of photographers, and now we’d like to help you produce the most creative, share-worthy shots of your life!

We do things a little differently…
We want to be like your favorite teacher in high-school, you remember the one with the fun, practical teaching style?

Basically, we figured out that you can’t ONLY hire the world’s most talented, professionals as teachers. You ALSO need a collective of creative, self-taught photographers who think outside the box, giving your students something different.

So, no matter how you learn, your creative spirit is in safe hands with us.

How did we get started?
Photzy is a sister site to LightStalking.com We started as a small side project in 2012 by the Light Stalking team. The goal was to provide more in-depth photography training, in the form of eBooks and video courses to Light Stalking’s readers. Since then, we have quickly grown into our own photography community with almost 200k members, providing the world’s largest library of free photography eBooks.

“At Photzy, we believe EVERYONE is creative, and that photography is the best way to explore and share your creative side with the world.”