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From the creative mind of author and photographer, Kent DuFault-

“We all suffer burnout. The best way to combat burnout is to explore new avenues of personal expression. Have you ever sat around wishing you were taking pictures, but feeling like there was absolutely nothing to take a photograph of?

The truth is that within minutes of where you are- right now- there are interesting photographs to be created. The trick is to open your mind to the possibilities.”

Dear photographer,

You’ve been involved with photography for some time now- haven’t you?

Don’t you sometimes wish that you felt more motivated to create pictures?

Have you begun to feel like everything around YOU is lackluster and boring? Perhaps, you’re barely excited enough about photography to get your camera out of the camera bag?

The Creativity Catalog was designed just for you!

You can’t always be traveling to exotic locations to excite your inner-artist. With the Creativity Catalog- you simply scroll to any page-

Read a few paragraphs… And, start creating something new and exciting! Here are some hints about the fun projects included in the Catalog…

"For those moments when you need a kick in the pants to get that camera clicking..."

The creativity catalog was written exclusively for Photzy.com, by Kent DuFault. It’s intended to give you that kick-start toward stimulating your own ideas and projects.

You’ll get instant access to download this 207 Page Guide Covering 20 Chapters of creativity-sparking assignments and ideas!

There’s no better way to spark your creativity, and beat photo burnout. This guide has helped thousands of photographers, and now it’s going to help you dramatically improve your creative output.

Quick Customer Review:
Thanks for this. I live on a pretty isolated military base, and I am experiencing “photographers block”. I needed this to get me looking at things differently.– James S.

More teasers from the eBook.

You’re gonna feel inspired and motivated with these assignments:

Take a peek at the contents page:

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A short message to you, from Kent:

I’ve sat right where you’re sitting now...

…staring at my expensive camera and wondering why I can’t get excited about creating some photographs. After all, I’ve been in love with photography almost my entire life.

Pablo Picasso once said, “It’s easy to be an artist at twenty. It’s much more difficult to still be an artist at fifty.” We all suffer burnout. The best way to combat burnout is to explore new avenues of personal expression.

I firmly believe that with the right mindset, you could find dozens of great photographs right where you are- right now.

When I researched ideas for the Creativity Catalog; I wanted to pick only those ideas that anyone could try. I didn’t want you to need special equipment- or a big budget.

You should be able to accomplish every assignment in your hometown: maybe even in your own house. And, I suggest if there is an assignment that you truly connect with- stick with it- explore it fully- create a body of work using that assignment as your springboard. Use the book to assist you in generating your own ideas.

I hope that you have fun with the Creativity Catalog. 

It was fun writing it for you.

May your day be shiny,

-Kent DuFault

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Total Value: US$110.00
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