ATTENTION: Aspiring Photographers

How to Produce Your Own Dynamic and Share-Worthy B&W Images, Without Spending Money on Fancy Plugins or Presets.

This is what all photographers ought to know
about black and white photography...

Be Honest – Have You Ever Recklessly Converted Your Shots To B&W, Hoping To Make Them "Better"?

Were you disappointed with the results?

OR... Maybe you created a a black & white image that you thought was great... Only it Never Really Went Anywhere On Flickr, Or Facebook?

Nobody commented.

Nobody liked it.

Just crickets.


It's ok. I get it. Honestly, I've been there too.

You Can't Be Blamed.

After all, converting to black and white seems like it'd be a simple thing to do, right?

We All Recognize A Bad Black & White Image…
Or A Good One!

You don’t have to be a PRO to know the difference.

BUT- Knowing HOW to “PROPERLY” convert a color file to a Black & White image…

That’s a different story!

It’s KEY to a great B&W shot

You can gain this knowledge in just 90mins!

No Kidding!

Photo by: Kent DuFault

Look, I'm Not Saying–
That A Great Black & White Photograph
Doesn’t Start At The Camera...

What I am saying- is that you can have a great photograph, say one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, like that waterfall above… AND, if you don’t know how to properly convert it to black & white- You Will Ruin the Shot!

On the other hand, YOU can have a shot that you took in your backyard- and turn it into an AWESOME Black & White photograph…

If You Know How...

The Better Black And White Guide:
A Complete Step By Step Guide To Beautiful B&W Conversions From Best-Selling Photography Teacher, Kent DuFault.

BetterBlackandWhitePages500WhiteYou could go out and watch EVERY youtube video you can find on B&W photography, spend HOURS scrolling through all of the articles online, and mess around for DAYS on end with filters, plugins, presets and actions.


In just 90 mins, you could read Kent DuFault's simple easy-to-follow ebook, that covers EVERYTHING you need to know about producing your own powerful share-worthy B&W images.

There's No Better Guide For B&W.

This is the exact practical follow-along instruction you need to create compelling and beautiful black and white shots, every single time.

Every step is detailed in all three programs: Photoshop, Lightroom, & Elements. But even if you don't have these applications, there's enough information in here to help you achieve the same results with the software you already have.

Here’s Just A LITTLE Of What You’ll Discover Inside This Guide…

  • How to use the B&W conversion process to IMPROVE your composition
  • Learn why some “old school” knowledge can turn you into a black & white photographer that everyone else will envy
  • The sneaky ways a Pro uses post-production to create amazing tonal range in a black & white photograph
  • The secrets to leveraging “color” for a better black & white photograph
  • Why automation fools so many photographers, like you, into poor black & white image quality
  • How to tell the difference between black & white versus monochrome (This alone could save you in a photo contest)
  • A weird (but effective) way to determine if a scene would look good in black and white
  • The “insider” secrets of the Histogram and creating award-winning black & white photographs
  • The demystifying truth about “The Zone System” and why it’s imperative that you understand it
  • Discover the device that you can purchase (for almost nothing) that can tell you right when you're taking a picture- whether it would make a good black & white image or not.
  • And so much more!
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Take A Peek Inside The Guide:

Broken into 6 concise chapters. With multiple case-studies, self-check quizzes and assignments!

Follow along, step-by-step, as Kent turns this FLAT photo into a Dynamic Monochrome Image!

Find out why this simple illustration can make or break your B&W photography.

Through detailed illustrations & easy-to-read text. You'll avoid all of the common B&W conversion errors.

Photo by: Olli Henze

Many Of Us, (Myself Included), Missed Out On Learning About The Artistry of Black & White Photography.

We came to photography in the digital age.

It’s not like the old days- where you simply loaded up some black & white film and fired away with your film camera.

Today, you have to convert your digital file to a black & white photograph.

Digital Photographers Often Believe That A Black And White Conversion Is “Push This Button” Or “Lower That Desaturation Slider”.

Even if you use a black & white plugin, app, or preset- it won’t help you! (not without the knowledge of tone and contrast that you need to make them work for you)

After reading Kent's book, you’ll be confident in your abilities to spot a potentially good black and white image.

As well as having the skills to do a professional conversion WITHOUT extra plugins, apps or presets.

You'll even find yourself going back through your old images and having another shot at converting them.

Think About That For A Minute– How Many Of Your Old Images Could You Re-Edit Into Compelling Black And White Art, With Your New Found Knowledge?

You'll Also Discover:

  • Discover the single most violated rule of contrast control
  • Why it’s SO important to understand how color relates to monochrome tone
  • The Surprising Reasons that many B&W images fail
  • How to diagnose “clipping” because it is your enemy
  • What it means if your exposure is BAD- and how to fix it for a Better Black & White
  • A little-known “trick” about determining how colors will transfer to monochrome tone
  • The reason why B&W conversions apps and plugins are popular- and the question- How should you use them?
  • Why ‘presets’ are useless –UNLESS- you are in command of the process
  • Common errors which cause poor image quality
  • And so much more!


  • Imagine producing an amazing black & white photograph, one that is worthy of printing large and hanging on a wall in your home... (This is an experience that you, as a photographer, deserve!) This book will get you there!
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Hear What Other Photographers Really Think About Our Guides:

Keith McSporran

Thanks, yes I really enjoyed Better Black and White. Already I have become far more analytical in my approach to shooting landscapes and how I go about capturing them.

For some time now I have been reviewing my images in B&W in camera. With what I know now I feel that I will be able to make so much more use of this technique.

Keith McSporran
Cheryl Stark

…it covers it all. I will be using this as a reference book for years to come! till I have it memorized!!

Cheryl Stark
Renate Strub

Kent has such a great teaching talent, he makes it easy to understand and follow.

I especially like how he describes different “what if” scenarios, and how sometimes a minor change can make a huge difference. Being a voracious reader, I have read about most subjects in one way or another, but never has one had the impact on me that Kent’s book has. I have read it from beginning to end, and will read it again and again. When the weather clears up – is has been raining for days – I’ll go out and work through all the assignments.

Renate Strub
Stephen Campbell

I found Kent’s ebook of tremendous help. I have been applying the techniques in all my conversions. Everything that I have read of Kent’s is full of great information. Keep the lad writing.

Stephen Campbell
Laly Falcao

…the tutorials are great. I’ve corrected many things I was doing wrong.

Laly Falcao
Carrie Conte

a valuable must have, if you want to create black and white photographs.

Carrie Conte

Why Should You Trust This Guide?

Kent has helped thousands of photographers like you, with his various best-selling books. He has an incredible teaching method. It's simple to follow, easy to understand and never boring. Imagine sitting down with an old friend for a fireside chat. That's what learning from Kent is like.

Kent DuFault (The Author) became a photographer in September of 1974. He took a “Basic Photography” class in high school and was hooked for life. It wasn’t long before he had a darkroom in the basement of his parent’s house, and his buddies thought he’d lost his mind.

The framed photograph (left) was taken in October of 1975. The black & white print is more than 40 years old, and it still looks perfect.

Kent is a professional photographer. However, the pursuit of black & white imaging has been a lifelong passion. Kent doesn’t believe that every Black & White photograph MUST contain a full range of tone.

What he does believe in, is helping every photographer gain the the knowledge and skills to successfully create what they envision.

Kent Says...

“It doesn’t matter if you love to photograph landscapes, people, macro, abstracts, or any subject that your artistic mind desires- the ‘rules’ of black & white conversion are consistent.

In order to become a true master of black & white photography, you must understand tone and contrast.

You must understand how to control them- and how to manipulate them. I guarantee that my guide will give you the groundwork to become a world-class black and white photographer!”

Photo by: stephane

Photo by: Thomas Leuthard

Photo by: Pacheco

Ready To Get Results Like These?

How Much Is This B&W Guide?

Here are the facts –Getting A Private B&W Conversion Workshop With A World-class Teacher Like Kent, Could Cost You Up To $1200...

With this guide, you're getting the EXACT same education, for a fraction of that. Plus you can re-read the material for FREE anytime you want, whenever you need a quick refresh.

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Why Not Just Give It Away For Free?

We want people who are serious about improving their photography. We've found that if our students invest a little bit of their own money (even $1) into training, it means they're far more likely to stick with it.

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Join more than 1947 photographers from around the world, who have used this guide to dramatically improve their B&W photography.


You really only have 2 options:

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