Tried and True Methods to Get More Interesting Candid Shots – Free Quick Guide

Just about every photographer will experience some anxiety when they attempt to take candid photographs of strangers.

There are often times that little voice in the back of our mind that wonders if they will say something or get angry.

It’s a fine line to walk, because the best candid photography often occurs when the subject has no knowledge that the photograph ever happened!

Imagine what must go through the mind of author and photographer Diane Wehr from time to time.

Diane is a retired mother and grandmother who specializes in street photography. She places her cameras in front of the noses of strangers all around the world. So… a potential subject could wonder why a photograph has been taken and may even have issues with communication.

Diane has written us a Quick Guide on 4 of her favorite techniques for candid photography.

These techniques include:

  • Go Fishing
  • Frame It
  • Face the Light
  • Use Your Math

Even the titles are pretty catchy!

Don’t hesitate to receive some great advice for better candid photography!

Photo Credit: Diane Wehr

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