Professional Tips on How to Edit Skin – Free Quick Guide

Editing skin is one of the biggest hurdles that portrait photographers have to learn to leap.

It is very easy to do it badly.

It’s also easy not to do it at all, resulting in images that are not as professional-looking or flattering as they could be.

One of the biggest criticisms of fashion and beauty advertising and editorial photography in past years has been the tendency to make skin appear almost plastic.

While that trend has died off somewhat, it’s still important to know where to draw the line – and how to edit skin to look perfect without it looking unrealistic.

In this guide, photographer and fashion magazine editor Rhiannon D’Averc gives you some of her favorite tips on retouching skin.

Here is what she covers:

  • Remove Imperfections
  • Smooth Wrinkles and Tired Eyes
  • Equalize Shadows and Light
  • Adjust Tone and Temperature
  • Smooth Skin Overall (But Not Too Much)

Are you ready to create professional results with your skin retouching?

Let’s get started.

Photo Credit: Rhiannon D’Averc

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