Posing Group Portraits – Free Quick Guide

One of the most challenging types of portraiture is the group photo.

You’ve got to make sure that each individual looks good, while also maintaining a sense of cohesion and a group dynamic.

And whether you work with families, at weddings or events, or in the corporate world, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will need to take group photographs at some stage.

What do you do? How do you change your technique if it’s a group of 3, 8, 13, or 50?

Jo Plumridge is going to give you a primer on what you need to know for this significant undertaking.

Here are some of the tips that Jo will teach you:

  • What equipment do you need, and what settings should you use?
  • Preparation and location
  • Composition tips
  • What should your subjects wear, and how should you pose them?
  • Watch the hands and feet for awkward positioning.
  • Establish relationships through the posing when necessary.
  • Make sure you can see everyone’s face!

There’s plenty more for you to learn. Click below and get your copy now.

Cover Photo: Jo Plumridge

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