5 Steps to Better Headshots – Free Quick Guide

The headshot is the bread and butter job of virtually every working professional photographer.

A headshot project is often requested by corporations, small businesses, actors, models, and even school portraits.

While the headshot appears to be simple, there are some necessary skills that you need to master.

Today, magazine editor Rhiannon D’Averc gives you five steps to creating better headshots in an exclusive Photzy free guide.

Here are some of the tips Rhiannon covers:

  • Understanding Headshot Composition
  • Using Light
  • Choosing Effective Backgrounds
  • Capturing Personality
  • Breaking All the Rules

Rhiannon says,
“Headshots are one of the most common forms of portraiture. Models and actors need them for their portfolios, almost everyone you meet will want to have one to put on social media, and they make excellent feature images alongside published interviews or articles.

This fact makes mastering them a worthwhile pursuit. If you work with models at all, you’ll likely spend a good part of your photography career doing headshots. The tips in this guide will take you through five steps to improve your headshots, allowing you to be more confident in your craft and create better images.”

Photo Credit: Left photo by Christina @ wocintechchat.com on Unsplash; Right photo by Mauro Paillex

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