5 Free eBooks To Help You Get Started With Macro Photography

Sol Walser
Sol Walser

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Macro photography, casually referred to as “close-up” photography, is actually defined as a photograph in which the subject is magnified to life-size or greater.  While this style of photography can be fun and result in amazing images, it can also prove to be a challenge.

To help you get started, we’ve rounded up some of our most popular free guides on macro photography. Go ahead and download a few, and create stunning ‘close-up’ images of your own. 

Taking great photographs starts with a good understanding of your camera. If you’re struggling to understand and control your camera, you can take your photography skills up a notch with our best-selling DSLR Crash Course ebook.

Download now → In this guide, Jason D. Little covers the absolute basics for macro photography, including equipment, lighting considerations, proper exposure suggestions and other tips regarding your preferred subjects that you should keep in mind when starting to shoot in macro.

Download now → If you are fascinated by insects and want to start capturing them in your photography, Leanne Cleaveley’s guide here is a good first step towards this. In her guide you will learn about connecting with the critters in green areas or your own yard, the equipment setup that best works for bugs, how to work with the light you have and how to best position your camera for better shots.

Download now → Shooting flowers in macro allows for the unique advantage of isolating your subject to create stellar images. Here, Leanne helps you do just that by showing you how to use the depth of field to your advantage, how to use light to highlight the flower you are shooting, and the ways to avoid unwanted blur along with some of her own personal creative tips.

Download now → Lighting is vital to create a successful macro shot. Essentially, it will be the make-or-break factor in determining the viability of your work. Jason covers your options and provides helpful recommendations for handling natural and artificial light.

Download now → While a relaxed approach to macro photography is viable, many photographers prefer to use certain elements to really make those closeups stand out. The use of flash is one of them. In this guide you’ll see how to use it to your advantage, including the possibility of using a narrow depth of field without sacrificing the light.

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About Sol Walser

About Sol Walser

Sol lives in Argentina with her young daughter and has been involved in photography for almost a decade, with a particular interest in street, travel and product photography. She recommends The DSLR Crash Course eBook to those who want to thoroughly understand photography basics and take full control of their camera for amazing photography.

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