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Sol Walser
Sol Walser

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  1. Grab these 65 Photography Projects that are guaranteed to boost your creativity.
  2. Download these 3 Free Photography Cheat Sheets to help you understand the basics.
  3. Take this 30 Second Quiz to find the #1 thing holding your photography back.

Photography is an activity that sparks something within us, by providing us an outlet of artistic expression. We all have our reasons why we love photography which shows in the styles we choose to shoot.

A photographer might love documenting reality; one might prefer shooting the everyday life in their own home or home town. Another might want to capture other people’s beauty, or help them remember a special day forever. And some might prefer photographing nature, capturing that elusive bird or shooting the beautiful night sky. There is photography for everyone.

How we approach photography affects the outcome of everything we photograph. Listed below are 4 free guides that we hope will lead to a contemplation of what photography means to you, no matter what skill level you’re at.

If you’d like to improve your photography by way of a unique, project-based learning method that you can take with you anywhere you go, check out our best-selling Action Cards and get started.

Download now → Zen photography is a mindset. It’s a way of approaching photography that will help you create better images. It focuses on the experience of making images and expressing ourselves through our photography. Jenn Mishra guides you through the characteristics of zen photography so that you may apply it in your photography.

Download now → Photography is easily one of the most rewarding hobbies or occupations that a person can practice. It can be visceral and exciting, or calming and meditative. Photographer David Veldman clarifies four common misconceptions in beginner photographers.

Download now → When you start out in photography, there are a few things that you may not consider initially. In this guide, photographer Robin Nichols shares eight of the lessons he learned in his photography journey that would definitely benefit anyone getting into photography.

Download now → Your perspective plays an important role in establishing your unique creative vision and style to your photography. Changing perspective can provide a new sense of height and depth, and provide a point of view you never considered before. In this guide, Leanne Cleaveley gives you practical tools to use perspective to your advantage in your photography.

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If you’d like to learn photography and expand your shooting skills by way of a unique, project-based learning tool, you should take a look at our Action Cards – printable project sheets that will give you over 200 photography assignments, covering everything you can imagine.

Thousands of photographers worldwide have benefited from these printable project sheets and have taken their photography to wholly new level.

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About Sol Walser

About Sol Walser

Sol lives in Argentina with her young daughter and has been involved in photography for almost a decade, with a particular interest in street, travel and product photography. She recommends the project-based photography learning tool Action Cards to anyone who wants to learn essentially all aspects of photography - including composition and all the different genres.

  1. Take this 30 Second Quiz to find the #1 thing holding your photography back.
  2. Download these 3 Free Photography Cheat Sheets to help you understand the basics.
  3. Access our Free Photography eBook Library, with 250+ downloadable (.pdf) tutorials on Photo Fundamentals, Post-Processing, Composition, Low-light, and much more!

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