Point of View – Free Quick Guide

Making your photography stand out from the crowd is becoming more and more important as thousands of photographers continue to join the digital photographic revolution.

There is only one way to make sure that your photographs stand out, and that is to make sure they are uniquely you.

You may think that sounds simplistic.

But honestly, it takes a lot work and effort.

Leanne Cleaveley has written us a fantastic eBook titled: “Standing out in a Crowd: Point of View and Your Images”.

She is going to give you some solid pointers on how to put a bit of ‘you’ into your photographs.

Here is what she covers:

  • Learn how even a small amount of movement can change your images in big ways!
  • Discover how getting closer to a subject can make your image stronger!
  • Learn how getting lower or higher can offer a better vantage point and tell a completely different story!
  • Find out how the depth of field offers another way of changing perspective to strengthen your images!

Photo Credit: Leanne Cleaveley

Want More?
If you’d like to make your photos stand out and get attention our Understanding Composition eBook is the perfect next step.

This eBook will give you everything you need to know to master the foundations of great photography composition. Go here now to find out moreThe Understanding Composition Guide

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