The Real Reason You Should Use Manual Mode – Free Quick Guide

Manual mode is so confusing. Everyone talks about manual mode, and how important it is to create awesome photographs. Some photographers talk about it like it is the answer to everything. But, then… The camera companies are going on and on and on about all their great camera features, which inevitably includes the automatic shooting…

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Artful Architecture – Free Quick Guide

Do you enjoy taking photographs of architecture? When you have a building like the one above- getting an art inspired angle probably isn’t all that hard. However, what if you have a regular everyday building? That… might be a little more of a challenge! Our free guide this week comes to us from Teddi Tostanoski.…

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Artful Silhouettes – Free Quick Guide

I personally find the use of a silhouette to be one of the most intriguing in-camera photography techniques out there. The shape created by a silhouette is often a fantastic storytelling element. I asked Teddi Tostanoski to write us a guide on the use of an “Artful Silhouette”. Here is some of what she covers…

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10 Camera Controls Every Photographer Should Know

There are 10 basic camera functions that every photographer should learn first. I know how it goes, though. We get that new camera. We get it out of the box. We start shooting, and then we forget to really go back and figure out- What’s what on this camera? That entire scenario can lead to…

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DSLR Versus Mirrorless Test Post

Anyone who has been involved in photography long enough should be familiar with the sometimes contentious debate about the differences, whether real or imagined, between film and digital. Which exhibits better dynamic range? Which has better resolution? How much better is it? Vivamus laoreet. Proin magna. Etiam ut purus mattis mauris sodales aliquam. Donec mi…

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Could Turning a Great Photo into a Bad One Be Helpful?

Today’s Quick Tip comes to you from our Understanding Composition Guide — Practice Makes Perfect When a person starts out playing golf, they spend a lot of time concentrating on the fundamentals. How should they stand? How should they hold their arms? Are their shoulders correct? Is their head down? A new golfer thinks about…

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Free Guide – Using Post Production to Improve a Composition

I think you’ll find this very interesting, whether you’re a Photoshop user, or you use any other editing program. It really opened up my eyes to how an edit can completely change the impact of a photo. And, I’m not talking about special effects, or getting all whacky, I’m talking about a simple fix that…

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FREE Video – How This Image Was Post-Processed: Bridge

Are you ready to learn some exciting Lightroom techniques today? I hope so, because the free video we for you can help you turn your ordinary images into award-winning photographs that are packed with energy! Jason Row will walk you step-by-step through his post-processing techniques on a bridge photograph that starts out pretty ho-hum. When…

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Free Guide – 12 Tips for Getting Great Photos at Balloon Festivals and Related Events

I believe that just about every photographer has dreamed of photographing this type of event at some point in his or her life. What am I talking about? A hot air balloon festival of course. A hot air balloon festival has all the elements that photographers crave… • Color • Shape • Action • Adventure…

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Interview – Vasco Trancoso Street Photography: Making the Invisible Visible

Do you love magnificent Street Photography? I’ll go even further. Do you love photography that is spellbinding? Do you enjoy images that literally grab ahold of you and force you to stare at them as you study the details? Well, then you are in for a real treat! Today, we are publishing an interview with…

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