10 Camera Controls Every Photographer Should Know

There are 10 basic camera functions that every photographer should learn first.

I know how it goes, though.

We get that new camera. We get it out of the box. We start shooting, and then we forget to really go back and figure out- What’s what on this camera?

That entire scenario can lead to a lot of lousy photos.

Author and Photographer, David Veldman has written us a Quick Guide titled, “10 Camera Controls Every Photographer Should Know”.

This guide is not going to replace your camera manual.

It is going to give you some direction as to the key features of your camera- that you should be studying first!

Once you’ve learned these 10 key camera functions inside and out, your photography is guaranteed to improve!

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Inside, you’ll find 250 step-by-step pages & 13 hands-on assignments that will give you complete creative control of your photography!

All you need is your camera and just a little bit of motivation to get started (no excuses!)

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