Could Turning a Great Photo into a Bad One Be Helpful?

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Practice Makes Perfect

When a person starts out playing golf, they spend a lot of time concentrating on the fundamentals. How should they stand? How should they hold their arms? Are their shoulders correct? Is their head down?

A new golfer thinks about these things as they approach the T-box. They think about it as they’re lining up for their shot. And they’re really thinking about it after they shank their drive into the left rough.

So, what does this have to do with photography and composition?

It’s about taking methodical steps to become proficient. We’ve talked about the
”up front” process- ask yourself questions, train yourself to see the frame- but there is more that you can do.

When you take a photograph that doesn’t work the way you envisioned, analyze it. Don’t just toss it aside and move on. Figure out why it didn’t work.

You can also take this step further-

Search out photographs that you think are fantastic and analyze why they’re fantastic.

Don’t let yourself think, “Well it’s a volcano erupting in Hawaii- how could it not be fantastic?”

Imagine if that image were formatted as a vertical instead of a horizontal, or vice versa.

Imagine if the subject of the photograph was centered, or not.

Change it in your mind until you turn it into a crappy photograph.

Then, you will have learned something!

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