Artful Silhouettes – Free Quick Guide


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I personally find the use of a silhouette to be one of the most intriguing in-camera photography techniques out there.

The shape created by a silhouette is often a fantastic storytelling element.

I asked Teddi Tostanoski to write us a guide on the use of an “Artful Silhouette”.

Here is some of what she covers in her guide:

  • Where did the concept of the silhouette come from? (That alone was pretty interesting!)
  • What is the actual definition of a silhouette. (Believe it or not- many photographers do not know the answer to that question.)
  • Teddi then gives you five outstanding tips on shooting artful silhouette photographs.
  • Finally, she walks you through the post-production of a silhouette in Adobe Lightroom.

There is much to be learned here.

I know you will enjoy it!

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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