Working with Models – Free Quick Guide

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Photographing people. It’s a challenge. It’s a really rewarding challenge.

If you have never worked with a model, you may wonder… what’s it like?

How do you address a model in a photography situation?

Author and photographer Stacey Hill is an excellent resource on this very topic.


She has professionally worked on both sides of the camera: model and photographer.

She has some fabulous insights into how you can get started photographing models!

Here are the topics that Stacey covers:

  • Considerations for the model
  • Setting up a comfortable workspace either on-location or in a studio
  • Creating a creative partnership with your model
  • The importance of good communication
  • Calming a model’s nerves and making them feel safe
  • Why touching a model is a sensitive subject
  • The importance of setting expectations before the shoot day
  • Dealing with the issue of payment

Don’t miss out. Take advantage of Stacey’s extensive knowledge on this important photographic topic.

Photo Credit: Stacey Hill

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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