Why You Need a Polarizing Filter in Your Camera Bag – Free Quick Guide

A polarizing filter has traditionally been the next purchase for a photographer after acquiring a camera and lens.

However, you might be wondering, do you need one? Especially when considering the ‘magic’ of post-processing effects in today’s digital environment.

Photzy Author Jo Plumridge decided to take a look at this question and determine for all of us…

Do we want a polarizing filter in our camera bag?

Here is what Jo covers:

  • What is the polarization of light?
  • What is the difference between a linear and a circular polarizer?
  • How do you use a polarizing filter properly?
  • When should you use a polarizing filter? (So many photographers get this wrong!)
  • Potential polarizing problems. (Yes, everything in photography has pros and cons.)
These are all excellent points, especially that last one.

Many photographers view the polarizing filter as a gift from God that can improve any photograph.

This false sense of security simply isn’t always the case.

There are moments when a polarizing filter truly shines and improves images, and there are times when it isn’t doing much of anything other than hanging off the end of your lens.

You need to know the when, why, and how of polarizing filters, and Jo spells it out for you!

Grab your copy now.

Photo Credit: Jo Plumridge

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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