What To Do When Someone Doesn’t Like Your Photo – Free Quick Guide

For a number of years now, photography has been moving into the realm of virtual reality.

Gone are the days of mini-labs that printed 4×6 photos for the photo album. Even the framed photograph for the wall has lost its space in our universe.

What has replaced these relics of the past is the relentless uploading of photos to the Internet.

What has become the symbol of a good image is how many ‘likes’ it gets.

This worldwide review of photography also often leads to trolls that can truly ruin your day if they latch onto you or you let them.

What do you do when someone doesn’t like your photo or perhaps even your photography in general?

Photzy asked writer and photographer Ludmila Borosova to explore this topic and give her perspective on this new world order of rating photography.

Here is what she covers:

  • What main types of critique are there in photography?
  • How can you solve unpleasant feedback situations?
  • What rules can you implement to deal with commentary better?

Your Copy is Here!

Photo Credit: Ludmila Borosova

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