What Is the Purpose of These Three Lens Types: Macro, Wide-Angle, and Telephoto? – Free Quick Guide

One of the more difficult and terrifying aspects of photography is the neverending amount of important terminology when one starts with the hobby.

It’s pretty hard to learn about a technique or a piece of gear if the terminology describing it sounds like a foreign language.

In this free eBook, we dissect the purpose of three different lens types: macro, wide-angle, and telephoto.

Each of these lenses could have a place in your camera bag.

However, think about this: do you want to drop hundreds or thousands of dollars on a lens that you will rarely use?

Based upon the type of photography that you’re drawn to, you may not need every kind of lens that’s available!

Let’s get educated on these lens types so that we can make informed decisions.

Here are a few of the details we’ll discuss in this guide:

  • What are the physical differences between these lenses?
  • What is the term angle of view, and what does it mean?
  • Learn how each lens requires a different technique on the part of the photographer.
  • Lenses and depth of field – why are they integral?
  • The topic of lens distortion.
  • Discover the peculiarities of a macro lens.
  • Under what circumstances would you choose each of these three lens types?

Get your copy before they’re gone!

Photo Credit: Kevin Landwer-Johan

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