What is the Purpose of the UV Filter, and Do I Really Need One? – Free Quick Guide

Virtually every photographer that has walked into a camera store to buy a camera or lens has experienced this.

The salesperson will assure you that you must buy a UV or skylight filter to place onto the front of your lenses.

The question is…

Is that true, or merely a sales gimmick?

In this guide, Charles Haacker gets the scoop on glass UV and skylight filters.

Here is what you’ll learn!

  • What is this filter about?
  • What is ultraviolet (UV) light?
  • What does UV light do to a picture?
  • Created in the days of film, is a UV filter necessary with modern digital camera sensors?
  • Why UV Filters are touted and sold as “protection” from drops for your lens.
  • Is it true that these filters can cause “flare?”
  • Do we need one of these filters?

If the thought of possibly saving some money is useful, click here and read on!

Photo Credit: Charles Haacker

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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