What Is a Prime Lens, and Why Should I Invest in One? – Free Quick Guide

If you are starting out in photography, you might have heard the term ‘prime lens’ without really knowing what it is, and you may have wondered what is so special about them.

Let me assure you that they play a significant role in most amateur and pro photographers’ lives.

The first lens that comes with a camera is the ‘kit’ lens. That lens is a short zoom lens.

A lot of photographers don’t really understand what that means. Let’s clarify that first.

A zoom lens is a variable focal length lens. The focal length changes as you ‘zoom’ the lens in or out.

A prime lens is a fixed focal length lens. It does not change.

There are numerous advantages and some disadvantages to a prime lens.

In this guide, author Tobie Schalkwyk gives you the pros and cons of prime lenses.

If you are considering purchasing one, or merely desire more information about them, then grab your copy of this free guide right now.

Grab Your Copy Below Now.

Photo Credit: Marc Moll

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