Utilizing Composition in Architectural Photography – Free Quick Guide

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We have a wonderful free guide for you this week.

Do you enjoy taking pictures of buildings?

Just about every photographer takes architectural photos at some point along their journey through life. Maybe you don’t do it all the time - just when you’re traveling. You know. You want to capture the “essence” of that awesome cathedral you visited while on vacation in Italy.

Regardless of the moment, when you set your mind to photographing a building that you find interesting, you’d like to get the best results possible. Wouldn’t you?

David Veldman wrote Photzy an eBook titled “Utilizing Composition in Architectural Photography”.

He makes some really excellent points and provides some simple to follow advice that will improve any photographer’s architectural photos.

Here are some of the techniques discussed:

  • The “Front and Center” technique
  • The “Framing” technique
  • The “Details” technique
  • The “Balance” technique
  • The “Shapes and Lines” technique
  • There is also a quiz to check your knowledge
  • And a field assignment to get you out shooting

Photo Credit: David Veldman

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