Using the Lightroom Cropping Tool – Free Quick Guide

Using the cropping tool well in Lightroom can help you gain a deeper understanding of composition in photography. A strong composition is one of the critical aspects of any good photograph.

In this guide, you’ll learn techniques for using the cropping tool in Lightroom to strengthen your compositions.

You’ll also learn how taking the time to crop as you post-process your photos will help you appreciate the rules of composition more.

This will also help you when you are taking photos.

When you are learning composition, using the cropping tool can help you see your photos in new ways.

This process is an on-going experience. Cropping well is an essential element of good photography. It’s healthy to keep experimenting and to learn how to do it better.

Take your time to study photos in Lightroom, and then consider how they can be improved by cropping.

Doing this will help you become better at seeing suitable compositions as you are taking your photos.

You will learn…

  • What is the cropping tool?
  • Where can it be located in Lightroom?
  • How does the aspect ratio affect the cropping tool?
  • What other settings are located within the Lightroom cropping tool?
  • How does all of this come together to help me compose better photos?
Photo and Screenshot Credit: Kevin Landwer-Johan


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