How to Use Spot Color in Your Photographs

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Let me start out this post with a couple of quick questions.

Do you know the difference between the use of spot color and selective color?

Did you know there was a difference?

Well… there is. And, while selective color is somewhat of a niche and may be a bit cliche, spot color is a very useful tool of composition that has been around since the beginning of color photography.

Our free eBook this week is a primer on how to use spot color in your photography.

It was written by Karthika Gupta, and it will not only explain the differences between these two techniques, but it will give you some solid tips on how to use spot color, and even more importantly, how to learn to use it!

So, if you want to create stunning images just like the one above, click below to download the guide.

Photo Credit: Karthika Gupta

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