Understanding the Histogram – Free Quick Guide

A critical tool in your development as a photographer is an understanding of, and the use of, the Histogram.

Chuck Haacker says…

“My background was all in analog (film). We had no histograms. We mostly eyeballed our pictures. I will freely confess that the first time I saw a histogram, I had no idea what it was or its value. For the longest time, I pretty much ignored them.

When I finally got some information on histograms, the blinders fell from my eyes. I not only realized the value of histograms in digital photography, but I also realized that they are simple to interpret once you understand them. They are an excellent tool at the point of exposure, and even more so in post-processing. They are equally useful whether you shoot JPEG or camera raw.”

The Histogram is a versatile and valuable tool for getting the very best out of nearly any picture.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this eBook:

  • What is the Histogram?
  • Interpreting the Histogram
  • Histograms that are atypical
  • What about the camera Histogram at the point of exposure?
  • What about underexposure?
  • Where is the Histogram most valuable in your workflow?

Remember: there is no such thing as an ideal Histogram. A Histogram must be interpreted based upon the photograph being viewed.

Learn all about it right now!

Photo Credit: Chuck Haacker

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