Travel Photography In Your Own Back Yard – Free Quick Guide

We’ve all done it.

We have all whined about having nothing to photograph, and we find ourselves wishing for a trip to some exotic location—where there are some decent pictures to be created.

That statement brings us to this free Photzy guide authored by Jenn Mishra.

The guide is titled “Travel Photography in Your Own Back Yard.”

Quite frankly, we here at Photzy were blown away by this content.

There are amazing pictures all around you—right where you are. You simply need to be open to that idea and find the places and the moments.

Jenn’s guide is not only inspirational in its words, but the included photography is nothing short of stellar!

Jenn not only defines travel photography, but also covers these tips on finding local photo ops:

  • Tapping into the tourist industry
  • Finding a guide
  • Attending events
  • Looking at a map
  • Making the journey
  • Revisiting and rephotographing

If you’re tired of looking at your camera sitting in a corner unused, and you feel that there is absolutely nothing to take pictures of in your local area…

You owe it to yourself to grab this guide and get inspired!

Photo Credit: Jenn Mishra

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