Tips for Capturing Creative Images While on Vacation – Free Quick Guide

What photographer alive doesn’t want to come home from their vacation with an award-winning photograph?

We all do! Right?

Leanne Cleavely is going to help you get creative while you’re on vacation taking pictures.

Leanne’s tips are simple common sense knowledge that comes from experience.

In the opening statement to her guide, she says…

“Have you ever been saddened by the realization that your photos just don’t quite convey the majesty or the grandeur of a place you just visited?

It can be quite frustrating to find that the chance to capture some creative, unique images has passed you by.

Vacations are an exciting time for us photographers because they provide the opportunity to capture images that we don’t see every day. Whether it be a large city bustling with activity, a majestic mountain range in all its natural glory, or an oceanside retreat with views of rocks and water, all of these places offer new opportunities to convey a story through images.” – Leanne Cleaveley

Does this sound like you? Do you want amazing vacation pictures?

Photo Credit: Leanne Cleaveley

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