Three Reasons Why Every Lightroom User Needs Photoshop – Free Quick Guide

Virtually every photographer on the planet has asked this question.

If I have Adobe Lightroom, do I need Photoshop?

It’s a good question.

No one wants to spend money needlessly.

The following statement is a fact: Photoshop has many capabilities that Lightroom does not.

Does Lightroom have capabilities that Photoshop doesn’t? Read on.

In this guide, Photzy Author Tobie Schalkwyk provides you with a discussion on why you may wish to have Photoshop in your toolbox—even if you already own Lightroom. And, perhaps even the other way around as well.

Tobie says –

“In this guide, we are first going to have a quick look at where each of these two topmost popular photo editing products fit into a photographer’s world.
But that is not the main purpose of the eBook.

I hope to convince you that every photographer should start off with Lightroom.

Then, we are going to move on to the primary purpose of the guide: to have a look at three Photoshop techniques (or groups of techniques) that every Lightroom user should know about.” – Tobie Schalkwyk

Make sure to read this super important eBook! (Especially before you spend any money!)

Grab your copy here.

Photo Credit: Tobie Schwalkwyk

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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