The Zone System – Why It Is Important for You to Learn It! – Free Quick Guide

Learning about the Zone System is important for every serious photographer.

When you know the Zone System, you will better understand tone and its relevance within your photography.

If you’re content to let your camera set the exposure for you, then this guide will probably not inspire you.

However, if you love painting with light and want your photographs to be as expressive as possible, grab this guide.

The Zone System may seem dated to many digital photographers. It was produced by two men to help them better expose and process sheet film.

(That’s the emulsion-covered acetate that captures images in film-based large format cameras.)

The film is then developed in a completely dark room with a bunch of stinky chemicals.

That may have you wondering about the relevance when it comes to making better digital photos.

Here is a fact: All photography, digital or otherwise, is composed of tones. When you talk about highlights, that’s a tone discussion. When you learn about shadows, shadows are tones. The histogram tells you about the tones of a photo!

I think you get the idea. Understanding tones is vital, and the Zone System was designed to break down the concept of tonal range into something that is more easily understood.

You need this guide!

Grab your copy right away.

Photo Credit: Kevin Landwer-Johan

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