The Why, When, and How of Exposure Compensation – Free Quick Guide

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Exposure compensation is an often misunderstood feature that is built into our cameras.

I mean… when do you use it?

What exactly does it do?

Why do we have to use it?

Our cameras are expensive high technology miracles! Right? Shouldn’t proper exposure be simply automatic?

Even though that’s true (the high technology miracle part), exposure compensation is a necessary evil under certain circumstances. This is because your camera doesn’t have a brain.

It can’t “think through” the scene that lies in front it.

It simply solves a mathematical equation and pops out an answer (the exposure).

Here is a question. Do you like using the automatic shooting modes? Most of us do, especially the Aperture Priority Mode.

Let’s say, just for giggles, that you’re a Manual Mode freak. There are still situations where the use of an auto shooting mode is a better choice than Manual Mode. (OMG! Did I just say that?) (It’s true.)

Now, when you’re in an auto shooting mode, that’s when you’re going to turn to the “Exposure Compensation” feature of your camera.

Why is that? That’s one of the questions that our Free Quick Guide for this week hopes to answer!

So… to give you a solid foundation on how this critical component of your camera works…

We asked author, photographer, and educator Robin Nichols to lay it out for us in a Quick Guide.

Check it out!

You won’t be disappointed.

Photo Credit: Robin Nichols

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