The Two Inevitable Hurdles of Your Photographic Journey and How to Overcome Them

Kent DuFault
Kent DuFault

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 (Photo: Efren Barahona)

Self-discovery. You would think this would come naturally for each of us.

After all, who knows you…better than you?

And yet, self discovery and self realizations are a billion-dollar industry!

We aren’t nearly as aware of our own needs as we tend to believe.

Photography is no exception.

But at some point, the lack of understanding begins to take hold, and it can cast doubt upon our photographic journey.

  • Am I doing this correctly?
  • Why are my photos looking like this, when all the other photographers images I see out there, look like that?
  • Am I taking the best pictures that I could be?
  • Why do some of my images seem to work out better than others?
  • Is there something wrong with me? Everyone seems to love street photography, and I don’t get it. I only like taking beautiful pictures of flowers!

And here’s the most significant self-doubt:

“My gut tells I’m taking great pictures, at least some of the time, but I have no understanding whatsoever how I got those results!”

That’s ‘phase one’ of the photographic journey that every photographer goes through after acquiring their beautiful new camera.

Then comes ‘phase two’…

(Photo: Unsplash)

You’ll recognize ‘phase two’ when you start saying things like, “I can’t think of anything to photograph”!

I’ve heard so many photographers say that line over the years, and it is a clear indication that they haven’t gone through the exploration and self-discovery phase of photography.

Photography can be overwhelming because there are so many possibilities; there are so many potential subjects.

Here is a secret-

Outside of photography, you have interests and predetermined personality traits and talents that can and should sway your photographic journey.

Let’s review a shortlist of photographic opportunities and what they might potentially require of you-

  • Night Photography (Are you a night person? Would it excite you to be out somewhere in the middle of the night, staring at your camera with a flashlight? Have you actually attempted this genre, or do you simply harbor an idle curiosity about it? But you don’t know where to start?)

  • Travel Photography (Do you enjoy going to new places and interacting with strangers? Do you consider traveling to a city two hours away just as exciting as traveling to a country 5,000 miles away? Are you mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared to deal with the unexpected?)

  • Landscape Photography (Do you enjoy spending hours alone out in nature? How do you feel about getting up out of bed several hours before sunrise? Do you enjoy hiking and exercise?

As you can see from this concise list, each genre has specific requirements for you to fully succeed at it.

If you’re not keen to set up a camera in the middle of the night, then night photography may not be your thing.

Or, maybe it is, and you simply haven’t discovered that fact yet, because you’ve been hesitant, and you haven’t gone through the steps of exploration and self-realization.

(Photo: Gerson Crespo)

Establishing what you love to photograph is essential. However, there is another crucial element to self-realization in the photographic process.

That element is your technical and aesthetic training and understanding of the photographic process!

Let me explain with another shortlist…

  • You now realize that you love bird photography, and that is your predisposition as you have been a bird watcher for many years. However, you don’t know what type of camera you should be using. Plus, the birds in your pictures are always too small, and too blurry, and you don’t have an action plan to correct those issues!
  • You like to look at the stars, and you would really love to photograph the Milky Way. Your first thought is, “I don’t even know where to look for the Milky Way?” You don’t know what gear is necessary to capture such an elusive subject. Maybe you tried to photograph the Milky Way, and all you got was a hazy blur, and you don’t why!

You know that you’ve always had an artistic mind. You are consistently the one in a crowd to see the dramatic angle or the delicate spiral that everyone else misses. You wonder, “How can I use that effectively in my photography?”

Are you ready to realize the benefits of project-based learning...

What exactly is project-based learning?

  • A Quick Study Lesson
  • Definitive Goals
  • Self-Assignment suggestions
  • Evaluation questions (self-determination of your results)

Action Cards were conceived, developed, and designed to specifically help you along the path of exploration and self-realization with your photography.

With so many avenues of exploration- How do you quickly get to the photo projects that you’re interested in?

Action cards are divided into three categories-

  • Composition: for the technical and aesthetic journey.
  • Genre: to help you work out what types of photography you enjoy the most-(and what your inner talents are geared for).
  • Stretch Goals: These are for the photographers that love to go above and beyond everyone else!

There are 85 Action cards in the complete set.

(Photo: Dan Smedley)

You’re probably wondering, what’s covered with these, Action Cards?

(This list is only a handful of the topics included within the complete Action Card set!)

  • Mass & Eye (Bet you’ve never even heard of this super important composition topic!)
  • Abstract photography
  • Focus stacking
  • Dynamic angles
  • Windows & Doors
  • High key
  • Exposure blending
  • Tone contrast
  • Pet photography
  • Storytelling
  • Patterns
  • Rule of Odds
  • Reciprocal Rule
  • Portraits of Children
  • Landscapes
  • Juxtaposition
  • Pictures at the Zoo
  • Understanding the histogram
  • Movement & Positioning
  • Long Exposure

Plus, 65 more topics for you to explore!

Project-based learning is the road to your success.

Review the information in the comfort of your home, and then set your goals on your computer or mobile device. You can print a card with your printer – if you desire- and then take it with you when you’re out shooting.

Are you interested in self-discovery?

Would you like to try different types of photography with a specific goal plan- rather than just guessing at how to go about it?

Would you enjoy self-guiding through a fun and entertaining photographic program?

Are you an explorer that isn’t satisfied with the ordinary?

Are you tired of not understanding the tech and art of photography?

Is it time to become excited again?

You are?

Grab the moment!

Learn about project-based learning and the Action Cards right here.

Want some photography projects to get stuck into this weekend?

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About Kent DuFault

About Kent DuFault

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