The Relationship Between Art and Technology – Free Quick Guide

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What is the most dreaded comment that any photographer worth his or her salt absolutely abhors... when someone likes one of their pictures?

“OH! Great picture! What camera did you use?”

Right? What camera did you use...

We don’t like it when it’s not recognized that WE created the picture - not the camera.

At the same time, we are intrinsically tied to technological advances in photography.

On the one hand we have the art, and on the other we have the tech!

Our FREE guide this week was written by Author Photographer Leanne Cleaveley. Leanne takes us deep into a discussion on the relationship of art and technology.

Leanne covers these topics:

  1. What makes great art?
  2. What tools does a photographer need to bring their vision to life?
  3. How the advent of better technology has influenced photography!
  4. How can you create great pictures in today’s environment if you have limited access to technology?

These are great points of discussion for any photo enthusiast!

Don’t miss out.

Photo Credit: Leanne Cleaveley

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