The Critical Importance of Photo Composition: Framing and Space – Free Quick Guide

The discussion of framing and space in photographic composition is a complicated one. 

However, understanding these two concepts will elevate your work from amateur to pro.

Composition in photography is likely the most critical component when communicating a message. And we all want to convey a statement with our photos. That’s why we take them. Something interests us, and we want to say something about it. It’s visual communication.

This guide is meant to help you understand the concepts of framing and space so that you can begin to consider these important attributes when creating your photos.

Here’s what you will learn:

  • What is the frame in photo composition?
  • What is the use of space in photographic composition?
  • What is negative space?
  • What is a frame break, and why is it generally not a good idea?
  • Commonly accepted norms of framing and space
  • How to use framing and space to guide a viewer’s eyes
  • Improving the use of framing and space in post-production
  • Diagnosing the framing, space, and composition of a photo
  • Choosing your frame and space in-camera
  • Unusual uses of frame and space

Get your copy below.

Photo Credit: Hidde Rensin

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