The Color-Managed Workflow Part 2: Color Space and Monitor Calibration – Free Quick Guide

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Remember the old saying, “What goes up must come down”?

That saying deals with the concept of inevitability.

In color photography, there is an inevitability…

Once you’ve clicked the shutter release button, a digital color picture is created. It has gone “in” to the workflow.

Once you print the image or upload it to the Internet, it has gone “out” of the workflow. It is completed.

For all of you that have been creating digital color photography for any length of time…

You realize that those two moments often look quite differently!

This is the bugaboo of color digital photography! How do you get what goes out to look like what you saw with your eyes when it went in?

A major step in this goal is “Monitor Calibration”.

(Oh boy! That sounds scary!)

It’s not that hard, once you’ve been instructed on how it works.

In my opinion, there is no better person to give you that instruction than Rob Eyers.

Rob is Photzy’s technical guru, and he is an excellent instructor. This week, in our free quick guide, he is going to teach you about monitor calibration.

Remember this in order to produce accurate color photography...

You must have a calibrated monitor.

Photo Credit: Rob Eyers

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