The Art of Metering and Exposure

Do you really know what exposure and metering are all about?

Could you and I sit down over a coffee, and you could explain to me exactly what happens when I press my camera shutter release button?

Did you know that your camera meter sees everything as 18% grey? It doesn’t matter what you’re pointing your camera at- that’s what your camera meter sees.

And then, you camera meter makes decisions- decisions that will affect your photograph.

If all of these statements aren’t absolutely crystal clear to you, then you will enjoy reading this week’s free Quick Guide.

Here is what you will learn in the “Art of Metering & Exposure” Guide by Kent DuFault:

  • You will learn exactly what the term exposure means so that you will better understand the three elements that affect it.
  • Discover what ISO is so that you can make better choices on how to set this important function on your camera.
  • Find out why shutter speed and aperture operate under the factor of two so that you better understand the inverse relationship ofmetering and exposure.
  • Absorb the details of how a light meter works- so that you will understand what the meter is doing when it’s pointed at a subject.
  • Learn why the pattern setting for the meter is SO IMPORTANT!
  • Gain some insight into how to deal with extended contrast so that your pictures will reveal detail in the locations where you want it…

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