Telephoto Lenses – Free Quick Guide

Okay. Wrap your mind around this. This is one of the most sickening moments that can happen to you as a photographer.

You’ve been dreaming about that awesome super telephoto lens for years.

You’ve been saving your extra cash for that special day when you can slap that bundle of money onto the camera counter, and then walk home a big, beautiful, (impressive) super long telephoto lens.

You’re going to be Audubon’s next bird photographer of the year. You’re just sure of it!

And then…

You go out and start shooting pictures with your hottest new piece of gear, and the photos are NOT turning out well at all! In fact, they are so bad you’re ready to demand your money back!

Hold your horses!

Do you know why your images are having problems?

“The Telephoto Lens – the Bigger It Is, the More Problems It Produces.”

That’s right my friend. It takes special skills to correctly handle a telephoto lens.

Today, author, photographer, and lecturer Robin Nichols is going to give you the lowdown on how to handle telephoto lenses.

Robin is going to cover…

  • Why telephoto lenses often produce blurry results.
  • The importance of maximum aperture.
  • How the ISO setting can save the day.
  • And a few other great tips as well!

Be sure to read this eBook. It might just save your next photo outing!

Photo Credit: Robin Nichols

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