Super Important Information about Sharpening – Free Quick Guide

You can do everything right to make your digital photography sharp and in focus, but it will still benefit from some sharpening in post-production.

If you don’t sharpen your digital images properly, you can make them look worse than what you started with.

Photo instructor Robin Nichols wrote our free guide titled “Super Important Information About Sharpening.”


Here is what Robin covers in this eBook:

  • All about the Unsharp Mask feature
  • Best settings for USM (Unsharp Mask Filter)
  • How to avoid over-sharpening
  • New sharpening tools like Haze Removal and Shake Reduction
  • Sharpening for print or for social media

Plus, you’ll learn about some important facts such as that sharpening cannot save a blurry, out-of-focus picture.

And, why virtually every digital image can benefit from some sharpening in post-production.

Robin will explain to you what’s really happening when you sharpen a picture!

Photo Credit: Robin Nichols

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