Street Photography Types – Free Quick Guide

Street photography is always fun to look at. Isn’t it?

A good street photograph will typically make us laugh, or perhaps jar us a little bit, but they are almost always thought provoking.

Now, here is a question for you:

Did you know that there are different “types”, or genres, of street photography?

In fact, street photographers take those clarifications as to genre very seriously, and you can often find them having heated debates about that very subject online.

In our Quick Guide this week, author and photographer Diane Wehr (herself an avid street photographer) introduces us to the concept of genre in street photography. She describes the three most common genres and gives us some excellent example photographs to look at so that we can put our minds around the differences between the different genres.

If you shoot street photography, this could be very important information. You wouldn’t want to submit the wrong genre to a photo contest, for example.

Photo Credit: Diane Wehr

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