Street Photography: Ask to Take Their Picture – or Not? – Free Quick Guide

What is the Most Important Question in Street Photography?

When you read that sentence, you may or may not have thought about what I’m about to tell you.

You may have thought something like –

“Street Photography”…”What’s the best lens?” “What shooting mode is best?” “How do you meter for fast action on the street?”

These are not the issues addressed in this week’s free Quick Guide.

The reason that this week’s guide involves the most important question on street photography is because it might keep you out of court.

Our Quick Guide for this week is titled “Street Photography: Ask to take their picture, or Not?”

We asked Street Photographer Diane Wehr to give us the lowdown on this touchy subject.

What we learned is that not having the right information could land you in trouble.

Diane will share with you her knowledge on the following:

  • Is it legal to take a picture of a person on the street without asking?
  • Do the laws vary by country?
  • No matter what the law is, is taking that shot without permission ethical?
  • Does the idea of asking, or not asking, hurt your efforts toward creating a portfolio of street photography images?
  • Under what conditions Must you ask…
  • What conditions might determine if a location is considered public or private?

This is one guide that you definitely Do Not want to Miss!

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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