Stages of a Food Photography Shoot – Free Quick Guide

Food photography used to be a highly specialized genre.

However, with the advent of affordable high-quality cameras and easy to access to high-level photo editing software, it has become the realm of virtually all photographers.

Who among us has never taken a picture of some food? I would be willing to bet that almost no one can say that.

I was talking about this week’s free Quick Guide, “Stages of a Food Photography Shoot”, with Kent DuFault.

He shared the above photograph with me. His technique in creating this photograph follows the guidelines (almost exactly) as taught by Stacey Hill in this new Quick Guide.

It doesn’t take a lot of gear. Focus your attention on a few simple props and good lighting. Plus, keep your food looking fresh.

Here is the interesting part:

Kent created this photograph fours ago, and it has been a highly successful stock photograph for him.

He told me, “Every year, in the months leading up to the end of the year holidays, as a holiday fruit cake, I can expect to sell this photograph somewhere between 10 to 15 times.”

Wow! That’s not bad, and you can do that, too!

Here is what Stacey will teach you this week:

  • The importance of food in life and photography
  • The challenge and time commitment of food photography
  • The numerous elements of a food photograph
  • How to plan a food shoot
  • How to add import elements to your food shoot including story and mood
  • How to set up a food shot
  • How to analyze your attempts and create improvements
  • Backdrop suggestions
  • The importance of the camera angle
  • How to observe and fix problems in the background

Are you ready to try some photography that you will find fun, challenging, and potentially financially rewarding?

Let’s get to it.

Photo Credit: Stacey Hill

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