Six Tips for Working with Backlight – Free Quick Guide

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If you didn’t know this… write this down!

Backlighting is one the most powerful and readily available photographic tools that can super-size the dramatic effect of your images.

You can use backlighting for virtually any genre of photography: landscapes, people, food, macro, and much more.

Why doesn’t everyone use backlighting all of the time?

It can be difficult to handle. It has a learning curve.

Our free guide this week is going to help you tackle this most effective tool.

You’re going to learn...

  • The advantages of translucent subjects
  • How to work with opaque subjects in several different ways
  • Using backlight when photographing people
  • How backlight gives your landscape photography more of a 3-dimensional effect
  • How to create backlit silhouettes and semi-silhouettes
  • How to expose for backlighting (this is the real challenge right here)

Click through to let me show you what backlighting can do for you!

Are you ready?

Photo Credit: Charles Haacker

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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