Six Tips for Getting the Camera Focus in the Right Place at the Right Time – Free Quick Guide

There are numerous articles on the topic of producing sharp pictures.

You’ll often see advice on how to hold the camera or what your shutter speed should be for a given lens.

However, we noticed that there is one aspect of image sharpness and focusing that is rarely discussed, and that is the theme of this free guide.

The autofocus systems on your camera are highly technical. If you don’t tell your camera how and where to focus, and at what point in time that the camera focus should be achieved… well, then your camera will decide for you.

That’s not practical or advisable to achieve success with your photography.

In this eBook, Jenn Mishra gives you six precious tips on how to get your camera focused, where you want it, and at what point you want it.

“Autofocus is amazing on today’s cameras. Point your camera in a general direction, press the shutter halfway down, and the camera does all the work. But the camera does not always know what you want in focus. You may be looking at a flower in the foreground, but your camera focuses on a tree further away. When you use the autofocus mode, your camera is guessing at what you want in focus. It might be a good guess most of the time, but it is still a guess. Your camera does not know what you are looking at and what you want to be sharp.” – Jenn Mishra.

Grab your copy!

Photo Credit: Jenn Mishra

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