Should You Consider Investing in a Mirrorless Camera? – Free Quick Guide

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few years, you are likely to have heard the term ‘mirrorless camera’ bandied about in the photography forums and blogs.

For years, the only choice for those serious about their photography was a DSLR camera, but nowadays, there’s the choice of mirrorless cameras to consider as well.

In this guide, we will look at whether you should consider buying a mirrorless camera and discuss the pros and cons of these cameras.

This guide is a very personal bit of writing for Photzy Author Jo Plumridge as she is currently looking into purchasing a mirrorless camera system herself.

Here is what Jo discovers about mirrorless cameras!

  • What is a mirrorless camera, and how it differs from a DSLR
  • The different mirrorless cameras on the market
  • Pros and cons of mirrorless cameras
  • Personal thoughts on the mirrorless systems

Check out this guide and let Photzy do the legwork for you!

Photo Credit: Jo Plumridge

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BONUS- 65 Photography Project Cheat Sheets [PRINTABLE]

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