FREE Short Guide to Portrait Photography

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You love photography. You've been taking pictures for a while now. Maybe you've invested in a better camera, or more lenses, perhaps an external flash, or, you still have that simple little point and shoot digital you've had for years. But something is pulling at you from within. You're tired of taking pictures of barns, fences, trees, dilapidated buildings, bridges, etc.

You find that your photographs are often void of the most interesting subject of all - PEOPLE.

In this free guide to portrait photography you'll learn:

  • Lighting
  • Focal length of the lens (wide to zoom?)
  • Focusing
  • Framing - Portrait Type (head shot, 1/2 length, 3/4 length, full length, group, large group)
  • Camera shutter speed
  • Lens aperture
  • Background
  • Clothing
  • Props

Image Credit : Kent DuFault

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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