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Depicting the landscapes of the world has long been one of the most sought after expressions of art. It was a common subject for many of the masters of painting, such as Monet, and later became a jewel to the eyes of photographers.

Think of Ansel Adams as he went through the grueling effort
of hauling his gigantic bellows camera into the foothills of Yosemite Park, and you begin to understand the excitement that a beautiful landscape photograph can create. Many of Adams landscape photographs are still some of the most recognizable photographs in the world.

Beginning photographers often gravitate towards landscape photography because it seems like an easy subject. After all, it doesn’t move does it? We don’t have to tell it what to do. And, there is an abundance of subject matter all around us.

With this guide you'll discover:

  • Elements Of Composition (Page 9)
  • Leading Lines (Page 11)
  • Receding Objects Of A Known Size (Page 13)
  • Shadows And Highlights (Page 15)
  • Diminishing Contrast (Page 17)
  • Scale Of Known Objects (Page 20)
  • Use Of A Focal Point (Page 22)
  • Color Temperature Changes (Page 25)
  • Being Prepared (Page 28)

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