FREE Short Guide to Black and White Photography

In this guide, Kent DuFault shows you how to get started with black and White Photography.

What’s covered-

  • What is a Monochromatic Image? (Page 8)
  • Understanding Tone Versus Color (Page 10)
  • Should you create your Black and White image in Camera? (Page 14)
  • Exposure Considerations for Black & White (Page 16)
  • Adjusting Composition for Black & White (Page 19)
  • How to use your Image Processing Software as a Darkroom (Page 21)
  • How Colored Filters adjust Tone value in Black & White (Page 26)
  • Using tint for mood and emotional impact (Page 29)
  • Should you use a custom lab to print your prized photograph? (Page 31)
  • The archival nature of black & white prints (Page 33)

Image Credit : Salmando

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