Reasons to Use a Drawing Tablet for Photo Editing – Free Quick Guide

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Today I want to talk to you about editing tablets.

I’m sure that you’ve heard about this accessory for photo editing. It can replace, or be used in conjunction with a computer mouse (something that I didn’t previously know).

Maybe you’ve tried one? I hadn’t - before I read this Quick Guide.

I have always been a bit leery to give a tablet a try. I’m very used to my computer mouse, and maybe you are too. The tablet seemed a bit scary.

However, the benefits to using a tablet are many. There are even health benefits.

Our free Quick Guide this week was written by Stacey Hill of Evoke Photography.

Stacey is a huge fan of using a tablet. She fully admits that there is a learning curve. But, once you’ve gotten past that… there is no turning back. She also found significant medical relief for her hand and wrist by switching to a tablet!

Stacey is going to cover…

  • What is an editing tablet?
  • How do they work?
  • What are the different brands?
  • How to customize a tablet to your needs and desires
  • What accessories are available, and which ones you would definitely want to put onto your shopping list

I encourage you to check this out.

None of us would look forward to carpal tunnel from using a computer mouse. This may be the answer to your long-term editing needs. (Plus, it has creative options that you simply cannot accomplish with a mouse!)

Photo Credit: Stacey Hill

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