Props – The Underutilized Photography Asset – Free Quick Guide

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A short quiz for you…

  1. What is the subject of this photograph?
  2. What is everything else?

Answer Key…

  1. The subject is a yummy looking waffle with butter and raspberry syrup.
  2. Everything is----- PROPS!

This week our FREE guide is on the use of props in your photography.

Props are not limited to still life photography or portraiture.

They can be used in virtually any type of photography that you might engage in.

And here is the secret sauce…

Most photographers ignore this key photographic tool!

You can elevate your work just by including a few simple props now and then.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Why you should use props!
  • How props can help your subject relax by distracting them
  • That props can provide context and environment to a photo
  • You can create humor and personality in your photographs through props…
  • They can assist you in your storytelling!
  • They add ambiance
  • Props can help convey scale
  • What makes a good prop?
  • How to use a prop so that it supports the subject and doesn’t overwhelm it
  • Props provide fun through experimentation
  • Where to find good props
  • Where to generate prop ideas

Download this free book, gather some items in your house or at a local second-hand store, and plan a fun weekend shoot.

I dare ya!

Photo Credit: Stacey Hill

» Download Your Free Guide Now
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