Practicing Photography: Developing Your Expertise – Free Quick Guide

Photzy Author Jen Mishra was a classically trained musician long before she picked up a camera and became interested in photography.

She took elements of her musical training and applied them to her photographic education.

As you can see above, her results are stunning.

In our free eBook this week Jenn shares her system of learning with you.

Becoming a great photographer isn’t a mystery. It’s practice and learning.

Here are the topics of Jenn’s eBook:

  • Why practice is more important than natural talent
  • The importance of devoting time to your practice schedule
  • Goal setting to make your practice sessions more effective
  • Persistence and repetitiveness equal success when practicing
  • Why feedback is crucial to a practical learning system

Remember, goal-directed practice is deliberate and thoughtful.

To improve our photography, we need to pay attention when we’re making images.

We need to be fully present in the process.

Casually taking photographs without much thought isn’t going to make you a better photographer.

Taking the same image, again and again, means that your images never change – or improve.

Check out Jenn’s learning and get ready to rock the photo world!

Photo Credit: Jenn Mishra

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